Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vivid is the catalyst for the terminal to boost sales

Vivid of the building, especially in restaurants, in recent years compared various beer enterprises attach great importance to the work. Based on years of market research, the performance of all food terminals are active, dynamic sales effect of a good market, manufacturers in the market are first-class terminal vivid overtaken, such as Zhengzhou, Kunming, Venus, Shenzhen Jinwei, Hefei, snow, Guilin Li Quan, who by long and repeated so vividly of the terminal, activate the market, forming its own base, we can say "terminal living is a catalyst for sales" is a guarantee of sales. Here to explore how to do a lively restaurant-oriented.

What is a lively end-of?

A lot of argument about living, I think, no matter what form, as long as the products are good, demonstrating to consumers so that consumers see and buy with to achieve the purpose of our sales, we can say of the vivid, there is no mystery of things, nor is there any scientific and technological content.

As in C, D class restaurants, the boss or female boss, who is the boss or the waiter, in serving, they "dig" to get the table as long as the beer, beer generally can be sold. Well, C, D where small shops, beer be placed on the critical, this place should they be able to "easily" get a hold, such as the kitchen pantry or the passage mouth and so on, these places, we have products gracefully so that they curved waist, low bow, hands, carrying dishes of beer can get hands on to make this work well, you can become a vivid of. C, D of stores to do a lively main purpose is to facilitate the marketing boss or female boss. Because these groups are the largest consumers what they what to say to drink is tasty, the average consumer rarely refused. The following quote of the dramatic case of restaurants for your reference.

Xinyang City, Victoria Snow beer base, more than 20-year-olds grew up with friends and dimensional snow, snow on the loyalty of high-dimensional, they drink beer on the recognized dimension of snow, 2007, Venus in the development of the beer market, is indeed encountered unprecedented difficulties.

Xinyang is a beautiful tourist city, visited friends here, will find the "stew" is a specialty here, due to stew a long time, the hotel owner to prevent customers from the "radical" and, specifically in the private room entertainment cards are placed. Venus beer the basis of this phenomenon, first choice of 50 hotels in more cooperation, such as my home garden, Goldsmith stew, Sunshine Hotel and so on, the beer directly into a private room, up five rooms each case, the five boxes up and down one placed on top of a box, also with a wallpaper knife neatly cut half the cabinet, a box of beer to show to consumers.

In these boxes, in order to guide the consumer, Venus beer in each table sets the card, especially wake up goals, "where free entertainment can enjoy a bottle." From March 2007 --- October 2007, at this time, keep driving, consumers gradually beer with a deep understanding of the Venus. The following analysis shows that in this case.

(A) of the product directly into a private room, and cut with a knife, consumers can see up close, touch the products, their products and consumers, the real "face to face." Boxes should be placed in the following two specific locations.

1, under the window. Here the light is better, consumers easy to see. 10 cases where the best placed to form a room big stars.

2, the side door. Waiter easy to get the five cases where the best place, at the same time because this place is small, the number of people out of many turning to avoid Chuang hurt people.

(B) the use of wallpaper knife to open and maintain a box specification and beautiful. Place and cut the box will cause irregular shop owner resentment, restaurants will not match, such activities can not be done. Specific cutting method follows.

1, box front, top to bottom 1 / 3 of the best beer in the shoulder can be marked to show up.

2, box cut above all, it is easy to waiter Na Jiu.

3, the sides of the corners from the box above to the front 1 / 3, diagonally cut, so that stability of beer, hard side down.

(C) the use of consumer entertainment, with free tasting way to boost consumer spending and thus achieve true product "of opened action marketing." In this way the following three advantages.

1, free sample can be integrated into their recreational activities.

2, play a consumer taste free "Introduction" role.

3, free tasting, meet people, "Zhanxiaopianyi" heart needs

(D) in Taiwan, the card marked "free sample bottle." With the "Taiwan card" to maintain the unity of the hotel, another to remind consumers, "just try a bottle, drink to money or" pay when consumers to avoid misunderstanding. Taiwan set to use the card details to pay attention to the following two

1, the Taiwan card to use the computer to print the letter posted, should not be in handwriting, it appears to regulate and clean.

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